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5 Calls-To-Action You Should Be Using with Your Social Media Captions

We’ve all written captions before. Some were meaningful, some were ok and some were kind of dry. Whether it’s for the cute dog photo we wanted to share or to express how delicious a restaurant was; we all spend time using written words and emojis to give context to our visual content.

While it’s totally fine to freestyle our captions when posting for fun, we have to take a more thoughtful approach when it comes to business communication. We have to be more clear with the goal we have and the action we want our community to take after seeing a certain piece of content. That’s where Calls-To-Action (CTAs) come in. CTAs are an effective way to suggest and/or direct your audience to do something specific. They can help you get more engagement, reach, feedback and ultimately, more sales.

Here are great CTAs you can add to your social media posts right now.

1. Tag someone you’d like to go with 👇

This is a very simple way of getting people to share your content with their friends and fam. People want to be helpful and share fun, exciting things. If you can provide them with an opportunity to delight the ones close to them, they will often take part in it. Next time you’re posting a delicious dish about your restaurant or talking about an event you’re throwing, add this CTA for better reach and engagement.

2. Drop a ❤️ if…

The great thing about this CTA is how casual and cool it sounds. Whether you want to know if people agree with your statement, if they like this new item on your menu or if they support a certain point of view, this works wonders.

Feel free to switch up that emoji! Here are some examples:

“Drop a 💯 if you agree with this!”

“Drop a 🔥 if you can’t wait”

“Drop a 🌶 if you love spicy food!”

3. Caption this / Best comment gets a…

This one is a nice way to get a sense of how engaged your community is. It’s nice to push out content as a brand, but it’s also key to give space for your audience to interact with you. By asking them to caption a picture/video or come up with a meaningful comment, you can get to create conversations and further build rapport.

4. “This or that?”

“Pad Thai or Pineapple Fried Rice”. “Coffee: “milk or cream”?

By asking their opinion on something, you get to learn about their preferences and show that you value their input. This can be particularly useful for hospitality businesses such as restaurants, bars or hotels. You can note down what individual customers love and remember that for future orders on their next visit. Remember, the business closest to the consumer wins!

5. Simply ask!

It’s good from time to time to ask a question directly. If you want to launch a new product or service and want to get a sense of who would be interested in it, ask your audience. Your fans like the feeling of contributing to your decisions! It makes them feel heard. So next time you’re wondering about how your customer would feel about xyz, just ask. People are willing to help way more than we think!

Engaging with your community can lead to more sales and a bigger audience. Get creative and make the most out of your content. The result is a stronger, better online presence.